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Projects Ahead!


There are a few projects/areas that I’ve been discussing with colleagues for a while now, and in a push for full accountability, here is a list of some things that I’d like to tackle:

  1. Academic Word List vs Academic Vocabulary List. ( to determine which is appropriate and how to best generate lists for an English Language Program) Procedures for creating vocabulary lists for each level. Vocabulary lists need to be
  2. General Skills Technology Materials. (stemming from TESOL Tech Standards, among others).
  3. More Extensive (and online) Reading project. (and yes, I’ve talked to Tom Robb.)
  4.  Software: Continue to explore new options. (Rosetta Stone bought Tell Me More, they called and want to offer a demo of their “new options”)
  5. Hardware: Fujitsu Scansnap ix500, for aforementioned vocabulary lists and a myriad of other paperless classroom applications
  6.  Online Instruction for an English Language Program. (or Hybrid) (or something else)

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