TESOL 2015

This post serves as a repository for my presentation at TESOL 2015.



Cloud-Based Document Collaboration and Versioning for Successful Program Projects


Adam Clark
Arizona State University


Google Drive has become a useful tool for sharing and manipulating classroom and programmatic information. By using cloud-based systems for large projects (accreditation or curriculum design), programs can have more collaborative and consistent results. The presenter will discuss the setup and integration of Google Drive versioning into document heavy processes.


The use of Google Drive (formerly Google Docs) has thrived in educational settings since its advent in 2006. In this area, the cloud-based storage system has been used in school projects ranging from writing course editing to teacher material creation and sharing.

The presenter will discuss the creation of a version system within Google Drive to ease of managing documents and help a program reach their project goals. This includes implementing a pre-project set-up plan, how to track versions of documents while working on a project, and preserving final copies of any completed documentation.

Link to Presentation Materials on Google Drive

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